v. & n.
—v. (skidded, skidding)
1 intr. (of a vehicle, a wheel, or a driver) slide on slippery ground, esp. sideways or obliquely.
2 tr. cause (a vehicle etc.) to skid.
3 intr. slip, slide.
4 intr. colloq. fail or decline or err.
5 tr. support or move or protect or check with a skid.
1 the act or an instance of skidding.
2 a piece of wood etc. serving as a support, ship's fender, inclined plane, etc.
3 a braking device, esp. a wooden or metal shoe preventing a wheel from revolving or used as a drag.
4 a runner beneath an aircraft for use when landing.
Phrases and idioms:
hit the skids colloq. enter a rapid decline or deterioration. on the skids colloq.
1 about to be discarded or defeated.
2 ready for launching.
put the skids under colloq.
1 hasten the downfall or failure of.
2 cause to hasten. skid-lid sl. a crash-helmet.
skid-pan Brit.
1 a slippery surface prepared for vehicle-drivers to practise control of skidding.
2 a braking device.
skid road US
1 a road for hauling logs along.
2 a part of a town frequented by loggers or vagrants. skid row US a part of a town frequented by vagrants, alcoholics, etc.
Etymology: 17th c.: orig. unkn.

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